Start indoor climbing

Climbing is a growing sport and the practice is becoming more and more widespread. Operating theatres are becoming more and more present in France, especially in the lane rooms. An outdoor sport that is progressively more present indoors with many climbing gyms. This allows us to open our practice to the greatest number of people in order to discover this sport and to learn about climbing routes. Thanks to them, you can enjoy climbing all year round, in a friendly atmosphere, with regularly changing routes. Find out how to start climbing in a climbing gym so that you can come and climb the different walls with peace of mind.

How to start climbing indoors?

It is possible to start climbing from the age of 4 years and without age limit. It is an activity that is truly accessible to all, regardless of your age, physical condition or level. You will then evolve in ways that will be adapted to you. This sport is very complete physically but also mentally and technically. Your technique evolves according to your climbing style, the routes you climb, and your physical abilities. Climbing on a route requires certain climbing conditions.

Safe climbing

Indeed, one can be a beginner in the practice but one cannot neglect the safety. Route climbing is a team sport. When you climb a route, you are insured by your partner. To do this, you need to put on a harness and know how to tie a figure eight knot. The person who is not climbing must know how to belay you, i.e. with the belay system, brake or block the rope if you fall, or on the contrary, give you slack when you climb. If you don’t know anything about figure-of-eight knots, belay systems and ropes, then it’s very important to take a private lesson or enroll in an adult or children’s climbing course in order to acquire these various notions.
The halls are equipped with quickdraws and sometimes ropes, so all you need to bring is a harness, a belay system, two carabiners, shoes and chalk. Most climbing gyms will be able to rent you this equipment.

Progress at the climbing gym

To begin indoor climbing is to discover this technical, physical and also visual activity. Indeed, you have to read the track to know where you are going to pass and therefore anticipate. The mistake at the beginning is to try to climb only with strength and therefore to tense up. You may think that climbing is only possible with arm strength, but legs are very important. Try to keep your arms relaxed and push hard with your legs. Don’t skip steps and take the time to climb the routes of your level. You will find a rating system with a number followed by a letter such as 4a, 4b or 4c up to 9c. As you can see, if you go from a to b then the scoring is more difficult but it will be even more difficult when you have a change of number. The climbing gyms therefore display these different ratings by adding different colors on the holds so that you have a maximum of reference points.

Beginning bouldering

Bouldering is a different version of route climbing. It is practiced on a much lower wall (less than 4 m high) surrounded by thick mats for a softer reception. It requires less equipment since you don’t need rope but only a pair of slippers and chalk. You will always follow a route that is shorter but more technical, and more physical than the rope route. Bouldering is an interesting discipline to start climbing, to understand the technique and to improve one’s physique.