Company seminars at the Les Houches climbing gym

Bond your teams around the values of climbing.

Team building

Team building at the climbing gym

At Mont Blanc Escalade, we offer a range of climbing seminars in Chamonix – les Houches. Bring your team together for an original seminar and work together in a setting that takes you out of the everyday. Share a unique moment as a team, away from your usual workplace. Climbing is the perfect activity for building strong cohesion between each rope partner and for surpassing oneself.

How does it work?

Organizing a climbing seminar in Chamonix

2h climbing with equipment loan included

Aperitif (one drink per person: 25Cl beer, kir or soft drink + 2 aperitif boards to share: local sausages and cheeses, crunchy vegetables and homemade olive tapenade)

Two options:

  • Without an instructor, participants must already know how to insure: €35 per person.
  • With a qualified instructor, who will explain how the equipment works, how to use it properly and how to climb correctly: €50 per person.

A group of 8 people minimum


2h climbing with or without instructor


Drinks and appetizers


35€ / person without instructor
50€ / person with instructor

A place for everyone

The Mont Blanc climbing gym is suitable for all levels