Why take a climbing course?

Climbing is a very complete sport physically but also mentally. Beyond the muscular aspect, strength, power, agility and flexibility, it requires concentration, analysis and therefore reflection. Therefore, it is a sport that is complete and very playful. Moreover, if you climb in rope, it is a sport that is shared by two. In bouldering, each one will help the other to find the solution to succeed the step and find the solution to climb the route. This activity is open to everyone, and can be practiced all year round in the gym or outdoors.

Learn to climb

Why take a climbing course? If you are a beginner, this is the best way to start in order to acquire all the first climbing knowledge. The 1st notions to acquire are safety. If you practice climbing on a route, therefore with a rope, it is essential to learn to secure yourself and to know how to assure your rope partner. Taking a private or group course will allow you to learn how to handle the rope, tie figure eight knots, use a belay system and put on your harness. The climbing instructor will be there to check that you have acquired these different gestures and that you are autonomous.

Starting climbing also means having the choice between route climbing and bouldering. The boulder will allow you to start climbing “more easily”. Indeed, you won’t need any specific equipment except for the slippers, so no need to handle ropes. Taking a bouldering course will allow you to understand the gestures and techniques of climbing. Without explanations and demonstrations, you will tend to climb with force, not use your legs, keep your arms bent, climb tensely and not analyze the reading of holds. The climbing instructor will be able to provide you with these different elements, so you will be more at ease. It will also bring you the muscular and physical notions in order to progress well. It will be necessary to know how to go through the “failure” box again and again. It is not possible to pass all the routes on the first try.

Take a private or group climbing lesson

Taking a climbing class, whether private or group, will allow you to learn the basics of climbing, safety, movement, technique and placement. In addition, for beginners who may not have confidence in their support, who may be afraid of heights, the instructor will really be there to give you confidence, help you progress and accompany you at your own pace. It will help you to excel in your first climbing routes.

The private climbing course will allow you to have an instructor who will be totally dedicated to you for 2 hours. This allows you to acquire a maximum of knowledge, technique and ease during this time with him and thus to progress.
The group climbing course allows you to have “recurrent” courses and to progress each week. The instructor will share a group and will set up different exercises. You will evolve with different people, different climbing styles.

Take a climbing course at any level

Taking a climbing course is not just for beginners or children. Taking a climbing course or courses is absolutely for all levels of practice. If you want to progress, compete, and surpass yourself, the instructors will be there for you. Each session, each exercise is made to put in situation movements, gestures, techniques to make you progress.